Meet Butterfly

Five Passenger Cabin

Butterfly’s spacious cabin has five comfortable seats with more room than domestic airline first class.

Separate luggage compartment and high payload capacity bring you, your family, and your bags where you need to go.


Safety features

Your safety is our first priority. Butterfly is packed with features allowing it to operate safely in conditions that would keep other vehicles grounded.


Safe propeller

Motor housing and propeller rotate upwards when landing with ample clearance for safe passenger loading and ground personnel and equipment access.


Cabin and cockpit separation

Separate cockpit, cabin, and luggage compartment ensure safe pilot and passenger cockpit and cabin environment.


Remote battery

Battery placement removed away from cabin protects passengers in the extremely unlikely event of battery malfunctions. Power sharing system creates redundancy, sharing supply across all four batteries and propellers.


Redundant mechanical systems

Highly efficient propeller design allows safe horizontal and vertical flight (and landing) with up to two propellers out of service.


Flight envelope protection

Next generation pilot control systems protect flight inputs and control surfaces, increasing safe operations under all conditions.

Quietness unlocks new destinations

Butterfly’s large propellers can operate at a slower speed, nearly whisper-quiet during all phases of flight. The pitch and volume will allow aerial mobility to operate across metropolitan areas for the first time.

Propeller innovations allow efficient flight

Large propeller design and advanced blade dynamics have unparalleled efficiency in hover and forward-flight. Power surplus allows safe flight under more strenuous mission conditions.

Efficient energy usage

Comparison of required power at various flight speeds

Disc area over 2x larger than our nearest competitor will accelerate capability advantage under current and emerging battery technologies

Predictive maintenance

Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) and predictive maintenance reduce downtime and increase utilization

Robust flight capabilities

All weather conditions

Best-in-class ability to operate under varying weather conditions, low noise profile, and five passenger cabin move more people, more often to more locations