Making the world a smaller, cleaner place for everyone

Designed for riders

The future of mobility is here. Overair gets you where you need to go, faster.

Hop on Butterfly within a short distance of your home and get whisked across the city. Butterfly is mobility unlocked.

Increase your reach

Hop off Butterfly and onto a plane or into a car. Multimodal transportation with Butterfly allows you to take the most efficient route to your destination – wherever it may be.

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Best in class

Butterfly’s innovations in safety, noise and utilization deliver an unprecedented rider experience. Butterfly gets you there faster, without carbon emissions, and at an affordable price.


Skip the traffic

Get where you need to go, faster. 200 mph top speed and 150 mph cruise allows you to get 60 miles across your city in under 20 minutes, saving over an hour in typical traffic.


All-weather operations

Overair’s robust design and numerous safety innovations allow safe flight all year round. Rely on Butterfly to get where you need to go, whenever you need to get there.


Zero carbon emissions

Butterfly’s all electric propulsion system emits no carbon emissions, furthering our mission of making accessible transportation sustainable.


Reasonably priced

Butterfly is cost-competitive with existing rideshare options. Our all electric vehicle keeps costs low, allowing you to get to the airport, to a meeting, or a sporting event all without breaking the bank.